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Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Suite

The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) originally developed Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to interconnect various defense department computer networks.
The Internet, an international Wide Area Network, uses TCP/IP to connect government and educational institutions across the world.

TCP/IP is also in widespread use on commercial and private networks.
The TCP/IP suite includes the following protocols:
Data Link Layer
ARP/RARP - Address Resolution Protocol/Reverse Address
DCAP - Data Link Switching Client Access Protocol

Tunneling protocols
L2TP - Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol.

Network Layer
DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.
ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol.
IGMP - Internet Group Management Protocol.
MARS - Multicast Address Resolution Server.
PIM - Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode (PIM-SM)
RIP2 - Routing Information Protocol.
RIPng for IPv6 - Resource ReSerVation setup Protocol.
VRRP - Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

AH - Authentication Header.
ESP - Encapsulating Security Payload.

BGP-4 - Border Gateway Protocol.
EGP - Exterior Gateway Protocol.
HSRP - Cisco Hot Standby Router Protocol.
IGRP - Interior Gateway Routing.
NARP - NBMA Address Resolution Protocol.
NHRP - Next Hop Resolution Protocol.
OSPF - Open Shortest Path First.

Transport Layer
RUDP - Reliable UDP
TALI - Transport Adapter Layer Interface.
Van Jacobson - compressed TCP.
XOT - X.25 over TCP.

Session Layer
DNS - Domain Name Service.
LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Application Layer
COPS - Common Open Policy Service
FANP - Flow Attribute Notification Protocol
FTP - File Transfer Protocol.
TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol.
Finger - User Information Protocol.
HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
S-HTTP - Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
IMAP4 - Internet Message Access Protocol rev 4.
IPDC - IP Device Control
ISAKMP - Internet Message Access Protocol version 4rev1.
NTP - Network Time Protocol.
POP3 - Post Office Protocol version 3.
RLOGIN - Remote Login.
RTSP - Real-time Streaming Protocol.
SCTP - Stream Control Transmission Protocol.
SLP - Service Location Protocol.
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol.
WCCP - Web Cache Coordination Protocol

The TCP/IP suite in relation to the OSI model is illustrated here:
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TCP/IP in relation to the OSI model